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Sifu James Lore was born on May 12, 1915 in Victoria, B.C. His early kung-fu training was given to him by his uncle who had trained in a monastery in China. This training which stared at the age of 10 years of age, continued until he reached the age of 14 years. Emphasis of the training was on the stances and simple movements.

At the age of 15, his family moved to Toronto where, as members of the Chinese Freemason Society, he continued with his kung-fu training. His older brother taught him the essentials of lion dancing.

Several instructors were instrumental in moulding him into what his is now, a living reminder of hung-fu as it should be, practical, direct, and powerful. A student of a monastery, MARK SUNG, a Hung-gar practitioner, was one of these instructors. Next came NG LOK and NG Fong from whom Sifu Jimmy obtained training in the double 10 (short & long forms) and the stick forms. His expertise in Lion Dancing was obtained from LOU WA TAY.

His training days in Toronto during the depression years were sort of a way to guarantee a good meal on a daily basis. Sessions started around 7:00 pm and lasted until 10:00pm. No one left before the end of the training sessions. The Club he belonged to was the “ETHNIC CLUB” of Toronto. In the early 1940’s he taught at this Ethnic Club until it closed. He then proceeded to run his business (QUE HING) and in 1966, he started to teach for the WONG SOCIETY.

From 1966 on he has been teaching at the JING-MO Kung-FU Club in Toronto which until about five years ago he had been sharing the responsibilities with his dear colleague, Sifu Jack Chin.

The forms of Sifu James Lore’s style are the following: Double 10 (Long & Short form), slashing palm, Eagle claw, lotus, I-beam, spear, staff (Single & double end) butterfly knives, trident, kwan-dao, hook spear, short sticks, sai, double sabers, soft whip, rattan shield & butterfly knife, double shield and bench, 36.

August 18th, 2010
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  1. Damon Kessell Says:

    Hello Robin:

    My name is Damon Kessell I am Rod Lores son and studied Hung-gar under you for a short time when I was a young lad. I am thinking about James Lore and was wondering if he is still alive? I am thinking he would be quite old if he is still alive. I would like to say hello can you pass this on to him? Thanks Robin.


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